Gruppo WISE strategic partner of METRA SPA for an integrated long-term communication path.

Metra Spa chooses Gruppo WISE to create the new communicative structure: from the definition of a different communicative approach to the new image of the group, all designed to enhance the historicity and know-how of a leading company in the field of aluminium extrusion.

A real restructuring of Brand architecture that has seen our agency engaged in the creation first and then in the definition of the strategic lines of METRA and the Brands METRA Industry and METRA Building.

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A work that starts from the accurate study of the company’s business units, made protagonists, through the creation of the new visual identities. A fundamental historical step in the structure of METRA that has allowed to determine and set up the Holding, on several levels, all the communication of Brand Industry and Building.

Not only Branding, the work of Gruppo WISE has been achieved in the realization of the entire communication system for Industry and Building from the creation of new websites, to the declination of tools and institutional and promotional support, in a digital approach aimed at strengthening and maximizing the dissemination of the message to the identified targets.

For METRA Industry, with over 55 thousand tons of extruded aluminium per year, and METRA Building, with its unique and prestigious products and custom projects, have been designed, in continuity with the one of the headquarters METRA Spa.

Restyling logo
The features of the METRA logo are more modern and color codes are introduced that can immediately communicate the different business units. This results in increased awareness and a simplified recognition for all users involved.

Furthermore, the clean and essential font that completes the logos of the two divisions was identified: a font created in the same year as the foundation of METRA, 1962, to strengthen storytelling that focuses on the concept of Brand historicity. Specific fonts for METRA Industry and METRA Building, respectively referring to the industrial and architectural worlds, lead the communications of the different business units.

Web Site
New websites
 have been entirely designed for METRA Building and METRA Industry. A condensation of structural ideation, graphic, design and copywriting that knows how to tell in detail every peculiarity of Brands, with an eye to the usability by the user and the simplicity of conveying the message. All communicate through dedicated icons specifically created for every step of the production chain and for each target market.

Social and records
METRA’s renewed identity, aimed at a digital involvement of its targets, uses the LinkedIn platform. Designers, architects, important players in the reference markets of the industry world are just some of the types of people daily reached by METRA content on the social channel. The three units – Holding, Industry and Building – coexist and blend perfectly in the editorial plan that tells the strengths of the brand technologies, prestigious case histories, industry news, awards and future schedules.

The new identity of the two divisions – Industry and Building – has been told to people through two dedicated campaigns, designed and developed in order to make Brands and services offered memorable.

the creation of institutional and promotional tools, such as brochure and depliant, events communications, training sessions and copywriting activities, completes the framework of activities.


Brand identity

Corporate storytelling

Headquarters set-up


Press Office


CSR Project



Social media strategy
& management