Oscar dei Bilanci awarded to leading Italian companies.

The Oscar dei Bilanci Evening Gala, organised by Editoriale Bresciana, is an unmissable event that Gruppo WISE has attended since its launch. It rewards Brescian companies for their annual financial report. For the fourth consecutive year, Gruppo WISE has overseen…
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Metallurgica San Marco takes off for Dubai.

Metallurgica San Marco is a Brescian company that has specialised in the production of brass profiles for over three generations. It recently attended The Big 5 Dubai, the Leading Expo in the Middle East for the building, thermohydraulics and sanitary…
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1000 Miglia charity: Made with love.

Gruppo WISE oversaw the “1000 Miglia Charity” (1000 Miles Charity) project at the heart of the world’s most beautiful Race in 2018. It earned the company the 2018 Best Event Awards in the Non-Profit category and Special Jury’s “Best Effectiveness”…
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Made with love

‘1000 Miglia Charity’ is a 1000 mile run at the heart of Mille Miglia, a charity event that reenacts the most iconic historical car race in the world.Gruppo WISE designed its heart shaped logo and key consitutent parts, a speedometer…
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