81Pizza Lovers

Industrial and old school: Gruppo WISE creates the style of 81Pizza Lovers.

The Brand image of 81 Pizza bears the signature of Gruppo WISE. The new reality of gourmet pizza has chosen the communication agency of Brescia to study, design and create its own concept and its Brand to be used on all paper and digital media.

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The client
81 Pizza Lovers was founded on the idea of ​​three friends, one of whom was a pizza chef, born in ’81. By bringing together three different skills their idea was to create a reality that celebrated quality pizza, with natural ingredients, but also that conveyed values ​​such as sharing and the pleasure of being together. Gruppo WISE started from this mission and these values ​​to study an idea capable of fully communicating this message and the corporate image, in all its expressions.

The Logo and the image were designed in the old school industrial style, with a reference to the eighties, the year of birth of one of the founders. The colours used were white and black with a small note of cherry red, with a minimalistic background and elegance, positioning the Brand at a high level, considering the quality of the product, while at the same time keeping the identity of the product central.
The Logo is in fact a clear reference to a slice of pizza.

Pizza Lovers: this is the claim created to support visual communication. Simple and direct, it expresses the client’s values ​​and makes a clear reference to the target of the product.

Coordinated image
Visual and Logo have been used on all the media necessary for communication: menus, pizza cartons, flyers for the opening and promotions, shop windows and interiors, web sites, social networks and merchandising.

Web Site and social
For digital communication, Gruppo WISE has designed a simple and effective website. The visual reuses the colours, style and character of the logo. On impact, with studied images, each page is dedicated to giving information clearly and directly. The language is colloquial and the infographics make it easy to read about the services  and opportunities offered. Also, the images, gifs and visuals created for Facebook and Instagram are based on the same style.

Sales space
It’s a Take away, but also a small restaurant. So Gruppo WISE has designed the location settings that have been completely branded so that the same space can  fully convey the communication and Brand image of 81 Pizza Lovers.

Everything communicates the Brand
The communication of 81 Pizza Lovers also passes through all the media necessary for  sales. The communication agency Gruppo WISE has also designed and manufactured takeaway pizza cartons and menus for customers, so that every single element connected to the pizzeria, expresses its identity. The same was done with all the brand-related merchandising.

All the elements linked to 81 Pizza Lovers thus manage to communicate the company Brand Image completely and effectively, as well the values, the services and client identity.