Dal Dosso

A coherent and coordinated communication identity: Gruppo WISE for Dal Dosso Group.

A circular and integrated communication project for the Dal Dosso Group, a company that embraces the world of food and entertainment; four distinct realities but united under a single hat, for which Gruppo WISE has conceived and designed a coherent and effective identity expressed through analogue and digital channels.

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The Client
Dal Dosso Group merges the art of food with the art of entertainment: an entertainment and taste experience that can be enjoyed both on the premises of the Miralago, Copelia, Cloe and Salamensa company, but also through catering and entertainment services.

Communication identity
The Group’s Brand Architecture has been revised: the result is a clear, simple, direct and recognizable communication identity. Although different from each other, all the premises maintain a common thread to give more strength and coherence to their whole, with particular attention to expressing and enhancing the values, mission and services offered.

Corporate image
The new image has been used on the administrative stationery, on the presentation materials and in the internal and external set up of the premises. The reorganizzation and diffusion involved all the company’s touch points at 360 degrees to give maximum brand consistency to the individual trademarks and to the Group in general.

Gruppo WISE has redesigned and created the websites of the Dal Dosso Group and of the individual premises. Each site, although with its own characteristics, colours and language, refers in a coherent and coordinated way to the Group’s communication identity. In addition to the visual part, we have taken care of SEO positioning with relative monitoring of the trend in the search volumes for the keywords. Social network: we have identified the channels and for each channel defined the communication strategy, produced the editorial plan, created the necessary visuals and supports and trained the company’s internal staff for publication. We have taken care of the promotional activities through Facebook Ads and Google Ads campaigns, monitoring the results with monthly reports.
We designed the realization of photographic and video materials taking care of the creative direction.

Prize Competition
To promote some services and activities of the Dal Dosso Group, a prize competition was created and managed with the creation of a landing and data collection using tablets through live engagement activities within the premises.