Corsia Del Gambero

The territorial multichannel marketing project signed by Gruppo WISE.

Corsia del Gambero in Brescia come back to tell wonderful stories made of art, culture, encounters and beauty thanks to the detailed marketing plan developed by Gruppo WISE, a project that has donated to the well-known area of the city center, in a very short time, new energy and lifeblood.

A real challenge, an integrated communication strategy that has seen our agency engaged in several fronts: create a new Brand, implement the website, open and manage social channels and design and realize Christmas set up in record time; all this is complemented by a communication to the press able to transfer values, intentions and aims of an urban marketing action strongly desired and promoted by the prestigious business cluster called Gruppo Brixia.

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The new logo of Corsia del Gambero is elegant and evocative. The intent was to recall – in some specific elements – the historic logo of the Hotel Gambero, dating back to the fiftheenth century, starting point for the study of all the communication (strategy).

The font of the “Corsia del”, thick and powerful, brings the printing in movable characters, while “Gambero”, overlapped in some points, gives elegance and lightness, conferring the logo a distinctive positioning. The color, black and red, blend the main shade of the print with the traditional color of Gambero, and will be the story’s theme of all the integrated communication.

Sito web
Corsia del Gambero has now a dedicated website: elegance, order and beauty, the keywords that have led the realization. A smart but at the same time effective project that collects wonderful images, information on the project and a complete list of shops in the area, all organized in a user friendly and mobile first perspective.

Press office
The whole urban marketing project Corsia del Gambero was presented to journalist through a digital press conference, in the presence of the main player and the vice-mayor of the city Laura Castelletti.

Social media
Visual storytelling and copywriting find their maximum expression in the Facebook page and in the Instagram account @corsiadelgamberobrescia. Not only that, Gruppo WISE has turn on intense digital PR in order to increase the popularity and the spread of profiles.

We have created a breathtaking Christmas setting. In the central square, to welcome citizens and passers- by, here is #brixi! A luminous gingerbread man, six meters high, ready to become the main figure of hundreds of selfies, with young and old.

To complete the picture of beauty and inclusion, the partnership with Accademia Santa Giulia, the prestigious institute of fine arts of the city. The students of the Ecodesign couse – held by professor Alberto Mezzana – will be involved in the development of several projects to reposition the Corsia del Gambero area.