Fondazione Nadia Toffa

The campaign overseen by Gruppo WISE for the donation of the 5X1000 lights up the solidarity of the entertainment world.

The commitment of Gruppo WISE in the field of support and promotion in the non-profit sector is excellently represented by the long-term relationship with the Nadia Toffa Foundation.

The proximity to the charity created in the memory, and in the ideological wake, of the journalist who died in 2019 at the age of 40, has developed a composite collaboration. Study of the logo, website, conception and realization of solidarity ideas for sales and fundraising, organization of events and relations with the press were the first pillars of a solid shared development path.

The promotion of the 5X1000 donation to the Nadia Toffa Foundation was the focus of the latest work conducted by Gruppo WISE.

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«We have a thousand reasons to be good» is the web campaign created by Gruppo WISE, whose title is inspired by the posthumous book «Don’t be good. The testimony she left us ». A collection of unpublished texts, written by the young journalist in the last months of her life. The missions of the association are mainly aimed at cancer research, support for fragility and the fight against discrimination. Ambitious and very important objectives for which the visibility of the campaign for the donation of the 5X1000 was fundamental.

With this in mind, Gruppo WISE has worked to spread the message of the Foundation with great capillarity and impact, actively involving show business personalities close to Nadia Toffa.

By publishing the information material of the campaign within their own Instagram Stories, they have been testimonials, thus contributing to reaching an important audience of potential donors.

The Foundation has been supported by Alessia Marcuzzi, Alessandro Amoroso, Cristina Chiabotto, Elena Santarelli, Luca Argentero, Piero Chiambretti as well as many other celebrities from show business.

The Gruppo WISE press office also sent a press release to national newspapers focusing on the campaign “We have a thousand reasons to be good”. The great interest shown by the media at the same time made it possible to spread the good will of the solidarity projects conducted by the Nadia Toffa Foundation.


Campagna di Comunicazione Nadia Toffa
Campagna di Comunicazione Nadia Toffa