Euroswitch: a strategic path for new communication objectives

Gruppo WISE supported the Euroswitch company in an in-depth strategic analysis work aimed at a brand assessment that carefully and adequately transfers the characteristic elements of the company and the authority it enjoys on its target markets. Euroswitch is a company that, since its inception in 1978, has been involved in design, research and production in the field of quality sensors.

Founded in Sale Marasino on the shores of Lake Iseo, the company has an additional production plant in Pisogne. With an export share of more than half of the overall turnover and with goods exported to three continents – Europe, Asia and America -, Euroswitch occupies a prominent international position in the production, including custom made, of level and pressure sensors and temperature. Finally, an important business division is represented by research and development conducted in full collaboration with the customer.

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Brand assessment

The brand assessment activity conducted by Gruppo WISE involved, in various steps linked and focused on a common objective, all the top management figures of the company in every business area (strategic, industrial, commercial and marketing) in order to design, in the first instance, a faithful portrait of the as is, oriented towards the development of a communication plan that projects the company into the future.

The action took the form of anonymous questionnaires compiled by company management with the aim of investigating elements relating to the company, the work environment and the internal and external forms of communication used. This first screening was followed by a series of interviews, conducted by Gruppo WISE staff, with the members of the board aimed at eliciting even more in-depth indications in strategic terms and aimed at bringing out, from the perspective of customers, the company’s strong points and areas to develop.

This important preliminary work has provided solid foundations on which to build a strategic plan of integrated communication capable of complying with various corporate objectives: strengthening and renewal of the Brand, exaltation of the company’s strong characteristics, innovative actions useful for accelerating details worthy of further development.

A job in the midst of activity

The holistic and transversal approach that Gruppo WISE could guarantee made it possible to deal with elements which, at the point of failure, could give life to an integrated communication plan that is entirely customized and complete.

The project therefore, allowed us to intervene on all the touchpoints from which a new claim arose – Sharpen your senses, which uses a play on words connected to the production of high-end sensors and the personalization of the same -, a reinterpretation of the Brand identity, a reorganization of communication via social media. Furthermore, specific work was aimed at the Growth within Customers division, from which a new visual identity arose.


Brand Assessment

for the development of a communication plan aligned with corporate goals.

In the heart
of every sectors


A new digital positioning with the presence, according to the studied strategy, of Euroswitch on Linkedin.

Fiera Hannover Messe


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The “Growth within customers”

The study of the visual identity for the Growth within customers project, the company’s beating heart.