Banca Valsabbina: Gruppo WISE at its side for the celebration of the 125th anniversary.

Banca Valsabbina, a banking group with seventy branches distributed in Lombardy, Veneto, Emilia Romagna and Piedmont, chose Gruppo WISE to organize the event dedicated to the celebration of 125 years since its foundation. Hosted in the pavilions of Brixia Forum, an exhibition center and conference center in Brescia. It welcomed on 15 September 2023, in a single, impressive evening, over 800 employees working in Italy.

An event divided into different moments aimed at achieving numerous company targets, entirely organized by Gruppo WISE. Belonging, history, future, cooperation, pride and exclusivity were the messages underlying every detail that brought the event to life.


Symphony No. 125

The work of Gruppo WISE involved every organizational and conceptual aspect and detail of the project, starting from the study necessary to identify the name that best embodied the spirit and prestige of the celebration, enhancing and condensing the principles and meanings of a great corporate story. And it is precisely from an initiative conducted by the company – a violin duo who, outside a branch, on 5 June, exactly 125 years after the foundation of Banca Valsabbina, played the tune to celebrate this special birthday – so Gruppo WISE’s naming of the event took shape.

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Symphony No. 125, this was the name chosen, representing the crystallization of the teamwork that was necessary for such a long-lived and solid history. But not only that: a symphony is an excellent, engaging and welcoming result of an extraordinary system of measures and competence composed of an orchestra. And excellence and exclusivity are the further elements underlying the choice of the name. For this reason, Gruppo WISE asked the same violinists to create a totally new symphony – Banca Valsabbina’s Symphony n°125: a creative and indelible mark, just like the one represented by a great company history.


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A symphony is a musical composition for orchestra that developed in the 18th century. Derived from ancient Greek, the term means "sound together."

A symphony orchestra is the largest and most complete musical ensemble, composed of string, woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments.

125 anni di Banca Valsabbina

A composition that has been played harmoniously by an orchestra consisting of various elements since 1898, under the guidance of a conductor who allows for a natural expression of all instruments and especially of all instrumentalists.





after party

Welcome Drink

A welcome aperitif raised the curtain of the evening, a moment of networking to accompany the dense program of initiatives that began with the performance of Symphony No. 125 for violins, performed, for the first time, for the entire audience of participants.

A company anniversary is primarily an opportunity to go back in time, interpreted through the lens of future strategies. Therefore, the time dedicated to the speeches of the bank’s top management, represented by the President and the General Manager, was fundamental. Following this, a motivational speech conducted by a professional trainer involved the staff, transmitting empathy and enthusiasm.



A dynamic dinner involved the audience of participants. A deliberate choice to convey, even in a convivial moment, the direction along which the success of Banca Valsabbina has developed. Cohesion, collaboration, closeness and belonging have, in fact, marked the development and expansion of the large banking group. And these paths were also reflected in the dinner of this special anniversary.


A memory cannot and must not be generic, or clouded. It must be clear, detailed, so that it conveys real emotions. For this reason, Gruppo WISE created a gift, given to all participants, represented by a particular bottle of fine gin entirely personalized, bearing the visual of the evening and encased in branded packaging.


The evening certainly wasn’t over, the participants were all work colleagues, united by a strong sense of belonging to a solid and important banking group. For this reason, at the end of the dinner, an exclusive shuttle service took the guests to the nightclub “Al molo”, where, waiting for them, was a large reserved area to watch  and take part in the DJ set by Gianluca Vacchi, a well-known influencer and DJ.