Metallurgica San Marco

Growth, internationalisation and innovatineness: communicating a new image for the company.

Metallurgica San Marco has been processing and customising brass in Brescia for three generations. It is a leading manufacturer of drawn and extruded brass profiles in Europe, with a turnover that exceeds 300 million euros. It is growing steadily through research and innovativeness.

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In order to react to growing market demands, it has changed its structure over the past three years and in turn also its corporate communications.

The brand requested Gruppo WISE to communicate its new corporate values and vision through an integrated communication project and in particular design and create a new website, unified brand image and resources designed to inform its investors, clients and providers, like leafletsannual reports and brand presentations.

To communicate the brand’s new image, Gruppo WISE transformed the company’s HQ interiors, by restyling, revamping and modernising its production and management sites and creating a new indoor route on which to invite clients and visitors on a journey to discover the brand’s own latest performance and innovativeness.

The brand’s desire to expand internationally is leading it moreover to attend international fairs within which Gruppo WISE sets up and oversees the brand’s stands.


Brand strategy and

Annual financial statements report

Metallurgica San Marco‘s annual results presented in a communication tool that can convey the company’s strategy and ongoing development to stakeholders.

Video corporate

Allestimento sede

Headquarters set-up

The Brand Identity of Metallurgica San Marco is fully expressed within the company premises. Gruppo WISE has designed infographics, signage, and furnishing elements aimed at guiding visitors through a strategic journey of understanding the company’s reality.



Metallurgica San Marco’s path of development, innovation, and competitiveness also involves communication through a work of pictorial anamorphosis within the corporate headquarters.



WISE Group designed the graphic concept and took care of the development of Metallurgica San Marco‘s website, focusing on a modern and intuitive user experience in order to effectively communicate the company’s image and values.



trade fairs

Gruppo WISE assists and collaborates with Metallurgica San Marco for attendance at key trade fairs, offering support in the set-up, design and construction of stands, as well as in the choice of materials and optimisation of exhibition space.





big 5




Gruppo WISE engages in a strategic partnership with Metallurgica San Marco to develop and communicate Corporate Social Responsibility projects. Through close collaboration with the company, we identify and implement initiatives that resonate with Metallurgica San Marco’s core values and objectives, emphasizing environmental sustainability, social impact, and community involvement.

Sustainability Report

In 2022, the first Sustainability Report was published, showing Metallurgica San Marco’s path towards a more sustainable future. WISE Group handled its entire creative concept.


On the occasion of its 50th anniversary, Gruppo WISE joined Metallurgica San Marco in narrating the company’s history and remarkable achievements throughout its five decades. The projects and initiatives organized were a unique opportunity to celebrate this important milestone.

Un cuore d’ottone

To mark the 50th anniversary, the artist Edoardo Ferrari was commissioned to create the sculpture ‘Un Cuore d’Ottone’ (A Brass Heart). This project symbolizes the bond between MSM and the local community, aiming to promote values of sharing and collective commitment.

Press tour

Gruppo WISE organised a press tour and site visit, which concluded with the installation and unveiling of the sculpture ‘Un cuore d’ottone‘ (A Brass Heart), created to mark the important milestone.

Video interview

A video interview project involving the company’s leading figures opened the 50th anniversary year. Through their stories, an original perspective of those who have experienced the company was presented, retracing the history, experiences, successes and challenges that have helped shape the growth path of the organization since its foundation.

50th anniversary party

To celebrate Metallurgica’s 50th anniversary, Gruppo WISE organised an anniversary party with Metallurgica’s employees and stakeholders. An event full of emotions where brass was the main theme chosen to symbolise the company’s history and excellence.


  1. Garda GolfCountry Club
  2. Garda GolfCountry Club
  3. Arzaga GolfCountry Club
  4. FranciacortaGolf Club
  5. Garda GolfCountry Club
  6. L’AlbenzaGolf Club Bergamo
  7. Arzaga GolfCountry Club
  8. Garda GolfCountry Club
  9. CastelconturbiaGolf Club
  10. Garda GolfCountry Club

Gruppo WISE, with the support of the business unit WISE Golf, is responsible for organizing tailor-made golf experiences.

For Metallurgica San Marco, a customized format has been designed to engage the key stakeholders each year. During this occasion, participants have the opportunity to spend a day immersed in sports and fostering new connections and strengthening existing bonds.