Metallurgica San Marco

Anamorphosis for Metallurgica San Marco: innovation is our point of view.

Representing a prestigious industrial reality while claiming, at the same time, its superior specialization and the active path of strategic innovation. This is the challenge proposed by the success story of Metallurgica San Marco, one of the main national players in brass processing, which Gruppo WISE has elaborated and interpreted through a work of high-impact pictorial anamorphosis, created on the beams of a warehouse of the production centre.

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The creative process had to respond to the need to identify a communicative synthesis suitable for grasping the exceptional nature of the company’s business, centered on a delicate balance between  increasingly competitive market conditions and the adoption of new tools that involve not only ambitious and sustainable production targets.

Precisely this complex system of interventions in the industrial field has found an equally innovative and engaging communicative reinterpretation. Gruppo WISE has, in fact, created the company logo in anamorphosis: the overall composition of the image is filtered by an optical phenomenon and becomes effective and defined only if viewed from a specific and privileged perspective.

The technique was applied to a large installation, the result of unusual design and tools. The operational phases of implementation conducted by the staff of Gruppo WISE and subsequent to the graphic study were anticipated by a laser projection which was followed by the painting of it that gave body to the final image.

This is the key identified by Gruppo WISE: the brass market is one, but only a particular frame allows it to be interpreted successfully. And the communication that accompanies and presents it must have the same characteristics, focusing on exclusivity and innovative methods.