Gruppo Editoriale Bresciana

Gruppo Wise organizes the business event "Oscar dei Bilanci".

Since its inception in 2015, the business event par excellence of the city of Brescia has been organized by Gruppo WISE. Conceived and promoted by the “Gruppo Editoriale Bresciana”, one of the most important national editorial groups that includes the “Giornale di Brescia”. The “Oscar dei Bilanci” aims to highlight and annually reward the companies in the area that have recorded the best performances or have particularly distinguished themselves.

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The stories and innovations of the companies are collected in a volume, created with the precious contribution of the University of Brescia, who are the protagonists of a celebratory event which has been entrusted to Gruppo Wise  for five editions.

The award-giving evening moves an important organizational machine which ranges from the communication of the whole event, to its management, coordination, logistics and set-up.

An annual appointment
Gruppo WISE has taken care of all the organizational and logistic management of the event since its inauguration in  2015.  Maintaining the identity of  the event unchanged, the agency annually develops new ideas and solutions so that each edition is unique: from the choice of the location to the guests present, from the personalization of the rooms to the management of the entire evening, ‘Oscar dei Bilanci ‘has become an annual event that blends tradition and innovation.

Gruppo WISE is responsible for  the entire visual content of the event which, while maintaining its identity, is renewed annually. The visual content  recalls of ‘Gruppo Editoriale Bresciana’s own  colours and is then used on all the supports necessary for the set-up:  the photographic set, on the panels and institutional roll ups with sponsor logos, personalized  accreditation desks, on the awards and in the graphics and video content dedicated to individual partners. On the occasion of the evening a video reportage is made, which is then converged into an emotional short film produced by Gruppo WISE ,and the photo shoots that become a souvenir photobook.

The event
Gruppo WISE  events’ team is dedicated to the entire implementation of the event,  which on average is attended by over 400 guests in each edition. The agency takes care of its management, logistics and set-up, activities that are renewed every year in terms of times and methods, enabling an up to date event to be presented every year to all the guests.  Digital accreditation allows guests to easily access the venue and it is in line with security directives.

During the evening the guests can share the themes of the event  to  celebrate the goals achieved by the Brescia business community. Since the first edition,  the evening has ended with a dinner prepared  by the Chef Beppe Maffioli of the Carlo Magno Restaurant.

The venue, which has changed over the years, is completely branded and all professionals are coordinated, from the hostesses to the audio and video technicians. The first two editions were held at the University of Economics and Commerce of Brescia in the presence of the Magnificent Rector Professor Sergio Pecorelli (in 2015) and the Magnificent Rector Professor Maurizio Tira (in 2016). The third, on the occasion of the centenary of the famous IVECO company, was held in its historic headquarters, while those of 2018 and 2019 – the edition that saw among the winners  the face of Italian patisserie, Maestro Iginio Massari – took place in the San Barnaba Auditorium. On each occasion, Gruppo WISE  has personalized  the location by adopting solutions that  harmonize the environment to the Editorial event’s communication identity.

Awards and Gadgets
In addition to the Award, graphically conceived and created by Gruppo WISE  commemorative gift ideas are studied every year for all the participants.  In every edition, souvenir shoppers that contain the volume “Oscar dei Bilanci” with the top companies and gadgets of the event partners are given to  everyone.