Carolina Zani Melanoma Foundation

The Foundation dedicated to Carolina Zani, a special project for Gruppo WISE.

Gruppo WISE is alongside the Carolina Zani Melanoma Foundation, the foundation with an international character set up at the end of last year by Patrizia Ondelli in the name and memory of her daughter Carolina, who passed away due to a melanoma in 2017 when she was only 27 years old.

A special project that involved the Gruppo Wise’s team right from the early design stages, from the creation of the brand to the inauguration of the temporary office in Corsia del Gambero in Brescia. Many activities were conceived and developed, that were a source great satisfaction seeing a project that strikes straight to the heart, of great benefit for others and of international importance.

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An evocative and truly meaningful logo: the butterfly conceived and designed for the pictogram is inspired by Carolina’s love – shared with her mother – for all animals and specifically for butterflies. A transversal symbol for many cultures and eras, the butterfly embodies the concepts of metamorphosis and evolution, wrapped in an allure of timeless grace and elegance. The idea of ​​the butterfly, with its colours, is inspired by a precious and antique octagonal table from the1700’s – currently kept at the Paolo and Carolina Zani Foundation for Art and Culture in Cellatica – Carolina used to play on it when she was a child.

A simple, highly readable font forms the basis for the butterfly. The chosen colour palette shades convey grace and lightness.

The “Control, Alt, Cancer – Prevent Melanoma, Restart Life” concept uses drastic and provocative language, borrowed from the IT world. The copy is designed to get straight to the heart of a mixed audience, but it wants to strike young people in particular. The aim is to make them aware of prevention, with a non-formal, digital and extremely current language. In computer science, the Control + Alt + Del command sequence – that is, check, stop and delete – is used to forcefully close an application that creates system problems and to activate the immediate restart procedure in an emergency.

Website and social
The digital communication work put in place is of strategic importance, starting from the online website at developed in two languages. A portal full of information about the Foundation: from the memory of Carolina to the objectives of the project, passing through the more technical information relating to the statute, the corporate bodies and the scientific committee. In support of the website, an accurate SEO activity was carried out, with texts written ad hoc, based on specific keywords. The social pages dedicated to the Carolina Zani Melanoma Foundation can be reached directly from the site: an ecosystem that involves Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Temporary office set-up and press conference
The temporary headquarters of the Carolina Zani Melanoma Foundation in Corsia del Gambero 10 was entirely set up respecting the defined branding in detail: the reference to the logo is constant, the butterfly pictogram colours, the outdoor spaces thanks to a large double-sided totem that, on one side, is a riot of butterflies in 3D, on the other side it conveys the “Control Alt Cancer” campaign.

The display is completed by shop windows decorated with swarms of butterflies and the ceiling is completely covered with flying butterflies, for an immersive and unique effect.

On February 5, 2021, the temporary office was inaugurated with the ribbon cutting ceremony in the presence of the protagonists of the project, the deputy mayor of Brescia Laura Castelletti and the journalists of the main local newspapers, who were invited through a strategic press office activity.