Rare diseases at the centre

An all-round project of integrated strategic communication to increase knowledge and awareness of rare diseases.

“Malattie Rare al Centro” is a medical-scientific information hub with an operational base in Parma, entirely aimed at the analysis and dissemination of highly specialized content relating to five rare diseases (Alpha Mannosidosis, Nephropathic Cystinosis, Fabry Disease, Leber Hereditary Optic Neuropathy and Thalassemia).

The support action of Gruppo WISE has acted for a complete review of tools, methods and communication channels. A strategic accompaniment aimed at reaffirming its decisive role as a connector between the scientific community and the patient.

A link that translates into the need for the two spheres to approach each other with two fundamental objectives: to accompany patients and families on the one hand, and, on the other, to conciliate conscious and decisive paths in the direction of preventive diagnosis.


Rare al Centro

The development of the communication project conducted by Gruppo WISE has embraced a dense and composite system of contexts and tools, thus fulfilling diversified needs, optimizing results and visibility. The implementation of the communication plan was guided by trajectories perfectly suited to the client, to the qualified triangulation between medicine, pharmacology and the client, guaranteeing to all confluent parties adequate and specific responses.


The study and analysis of the activity’s sector of the “Malattie Rare al Centro” constituted the indispensable basis for the proposed intervention by Gruppo WISE.

In fact, the authoritativeness of the information and initiatives conducted by the customer have been supported and enhanced through the adoption of models and strategies that highlight their transversal nature – also aimed at increasing general awareness of often unknown but extremely serious disabling pathologies.


The overlapping of circles interprets subjects and actions which, only if they work in synergy, can aspire to concrete solutions. The fulcrum of the pictogram interprets the halfway point between the patient, the scientific community and drug therapy. Inside – the circles that interpenetrate – the forces that can cooperate to achieve the ultimate mission: information, a tool that gives life to resonance and awareness, the embrace, which cancels isolation, and gives comfort in the confusion.

Il portale


The high specialization information of “Malattie Rare al Centro” is reflected in the in-depth analysis aimed at five pathologies poorly expressed in numerical terms. Alpha Mannosidosis, Nephropathic Cystinosis, Fabry disease, Leber Hereditary Optic Neuropathy and Thalassemia. In fact, they are diseases with different causes and effects, but equally disabling and often lethal.


The five information guidelines developed by the “Malattie Rare al Centro” activities have also found faithful identification in the visual communication proposed by the graphic project. The articulations of the expression of the client’s activity – online and offline – were based on a clear chromatic reflection, corresponding to each of the five diseases addressed.


Among the most exhaustive expressions of the in-depth analysis work conducted by Gruppo WISE, the client’s website took shape in support – both visually and in terms of content – of the hub’s objectives. Its structure – which stands out for its clarity and ease of consultation – aims at the usable and highly specialized transmission of information. In fact, with this mission ample space has been given to the activity of continuous content updating.

A real source of fundamental information for consultations carried out by patients, but also by the scientific community and the specialist drug industry.

Case histories, scientific studies, conferences, dedicated events, advice and support are the guidelines that enrich the information that finds ample space on the hub site. Perfectly adapted to its consultation, it allows for versatile and intuitive use through all mobile devices.








The initiatives conducted by “Malattie Rare al Centro”, are the information and updates of its activity which have been transferred respecting the specific journalist’s view and the destination masthead, in order to increase the echo of information for the benefit of common awareness.

The Event

Gruppo WISE supported the communication campaign of the second edition of “FACCIAMO CENTRO”, an event celebrating the international day of rare diseases, held in Parma.

The initiative involved and sensitized the community and increased awareness of rare diseases, too often unknown and difficult to diagnose. This was done through the involvement in recreational and motor activities accessible to all.


Facciamo Centro

At the same time, it gave patients and their families a moment of escape from a complex everyday life, facilitating closeness between people who share similar difficulties, thus fighting the isolation that often surrounds them. Active testimonial of the day was the former footballer Giuseppe Baresi, his presence and participation in activities and experiences significantly contributed to the success of the event and to the satisfaction of organizers and participants.