Industrie Polieco M.P.B.

A strategic marketing path for the definition of the new Brand Architecture of Industrie Polieco M.P.B.

Industries Polieco M.P.B. entrusted Gruppo WISE to define its corporate structure, made up of the Polieco Group and M.P.B.

Polieco Group produces corrugated pipes for the construction and electrical sector or for electrical and sewage systems, and KIO road manhole covers, in composite material.

M.P.B. on the other hand, is the largest European compounder of polyethylene and polypropylene and produces raw materials used in the external anti-corrosion coating of steel pipes used for the main gas, oil and water pipelines worldwide.

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The two companies coexist and collaborate through the same company name, that of Industrie Polieco M.P.B.

Gruppo WISE has structured a strategic investigation of the corporate ecosystem by examining the clarity of the Group’s structure, the positioning of the companies and the effectiveness of communication.

Subsequently, the hierarchy between the Brands present in the corporate ecosystem was defined, structuring a new Brand Architecture.

An identity was created for the Brand holding, i.e. that of Industrie Polieco M.P.B., while the logos of the business units underwent a restyling.

A precise positioning strategy was developed for them which led to the creation of a new image and new supports, in line with the requests and dynamics of the respective targets and markets.

The creation of a new structure was accompanied by a communication in the press, to give concomitant prominence to the respective important company anniversaries, helping to redraw the contours of the two companies.



The Polieco Group logo embodies a historical soul with a renewed and contemporary body. The harmonious and nuanced colour palette symbolizes a path between earth and sky, between material and organic: through the selection of colours a fresh, balanced logo capable of passing through time takes shape. Teal recalls modernity, while green celebrates the past.


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Dynamism, concreteness and character are the basic concepts of the Brand, built through two graphic elements. The punctiform pictogram, a stylization of the polymer, represents the operational scope of M.P.B.; the lettering projected towards the right gives orientation to the future and to action, maintaining continuity with the corporate identity.


The business units, Polieco Group and M.P.B. meet and merge in the pictogram present in the Brand, which wants to tell the story of the two realities through two interpretations: the nuance, obtained from the representative colours of the two business units, and the symbol, a shape inspired by the main products of the two companies, the tube and the polymer.

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