Rotary Club

Gruppo WISE transforms a tennis court into an exceptional location for a charity night.

A tennis court transformed into an exceptional location to host a charity night with over 400 people: this is Sound of Beauty, a charity event organized by Gruppo WISE for the Rotary Club Brescia Sud Ovest Maclodio. The Brescia communication agency created a unique evening by taking care of every single aspect of the evening, from communication and promotion to organization and logistics, but above all it gave a completely new look to a place, transforming it in appearance and functionality.

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The project
It was an opportunity to celebrate a year of fundraising, with the official delivery of the proceeds to the recipients, all in a joyful, convivial and fun atmosphere. The Rotary Club Brescia Sud Ovest Maclodio had entrusted to Gruppo WISE communication, organization, logistics and entertainment of its annual summer event.

The location
An entire Sound of Beauty branded tennis court was the setting for an event with over 400 people. The originality was given precisely by the choice of location, the exclusive Timing Tennis club. Apparently distant from the theme and purpose of the evening, the space, thanks to the customization designed by Gruppo WISE, made the evening even more unique, demonstrating that the agency, in the conception of an event and in its planning, is able to communicate any space.

The communication
Gruppo WISE studied the concept of the evening starting from the naming: “Sound of Beauty”: a visual was therefore chosen that recalled music, but also joy and beauty in a vintage style. From the idea, a visual was created, which was utilized on all the media necessary for the event, both paper and digital, such as invitations, landing pages, displays, and advertising.

Set-ups, reception service, photo shoots, projections. Everything was taken care of down to the smallest detail by the Brescia agency, which also organized the evening’s entertainment where music was, of course, the protagonist with the performances of international artists.