Casa Tua Arredamenti

Stylish and minimalist furniture in your Home.

Casa Tua Arredamenti” is an Italian home furnishing company, founded in 1998. It offers the best design and classic furniture to homes. It first opened in Chiuduno, Bergamo, and later Franciacorta, steadily growing its reputation.

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It has since expanded and continued to invest and was launched in 2011 by a showroom in Bolgare, where it showcased the extent of its business skills and natural good taste by securing 2000 square meters to exhibit itself across two floors.

The company requested Gruppo WISE to focus on style and quality to rebrand its image. The Team therefore created a brand new image for the company with designs and materials to emphasize its stylishness and homeliness, and “Casa” and “Tua” (“House” and “Your” respectively) printed on the design. This led to the company’s new logo, that was then printed on all of the company’s corporate and commercial resources.