Corporate communication that empowers the movement.

Power To Move, this is the concept conceived by Gruppo WISE for corporate communication and the coordinated image of the company Slingofer, a company specialized in the design and construction of equipment for lifting and handling.

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The Brescia communication agency has in fact devised a specific message and visual to accompany the company in its communication in general and, in particular, at international fairs, so that it could be recognized through its image and message.

The company
, since 1961, has dealt with equipment for handling and lifting in iron and steel. In international standing, the company responds to the needs of a constantly changing market that requires the industrial sector greater productivity of its plants, intrinsic quality of the ever-increasing product and ever shorter cycle times and storage spaces in the evolution of processes and production systems. The certified quality and reliability of Slingofer solutions is demonstrated by over 5.000 lifters in service in steel mills around the world, entirely designed and built to meet the specific needs of each individual customer.

Gruppo WISE  initiated its corporate communication project from Slingofer’s mission, that is to say the continuous improvement of the product thanks to innovation, the result of continuous, scientific and in-depth research, carried out on materials, techniques and products. Two other fundamental ideas were the products themselves – linked to the concepts of movement – and the fact that the company sells all over the world and therefore has a global dimension.

The concept
Internationalization and core business of the company were therefore the key elements for the realization of the materials: in particular the concept of “Move Movimento” which embraces the global dimension of the company, but also its products that are dedicated to handling that are also entirely built to operate  in work environments characterized by strong production, with heavy working conditions and intense movements (steelworks, rolling mills and ports), always guaranteeing quality, safety and durability. The visual, which recalls the colour of the logo, was based on the colour red and on oblique lines and cuts, expression of the same concept of movement. The entire image was then used on various support materials necessary for company promotion such as brochures and business cards.

International Fairs
Furthermore, at the Metech trade fairs in Dusseldorf, Germany and Made in Steel in Milan, Gruppo WISE  used the “Power to Move” concept in the stand set-up. For a company, the stand inside a trade fair area is a meeting and communication place and must respond to the parameters of functionality, acceptance and effectiveness. Gruppo WISE  therefore designed the entire space, from the walls to furnishing accessories, through live photographic panels – where the company’s key products were represented in a play of red and yellow colours – and the concept idea was also used on furniture. A complete branding was utilized to communicate the company also through the exhibition area, business space and brand expression.