Partner Group HR

Partner Group HR: the strength of the group in its Brand Architecture.

Three complementary spirits – Partner Group HR, Conpay and Studio Amarelli – one reality.

Partner Group HR has chosen Gruppo WISE as strategic consultant in defining the Brand Architecture of the group. Hence the creation of a Corporate Brand that unites the three realities and the redesign of the individual Brands to make them coherent and coordinated.

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Partner Group HR, Conpay and Studio Amarelli are three companies that collaborate with each other to offer companies and professional firms a complete service in the fields of HR, commercial consultancy and administrative management. In particular, Partner Group HR specializes in the world of human resources consultancy, Conpay in management solutions for personnel administration and Studio Amarelli in labour consultancy and in the processing of wages and contributions.

The project
Three players and a single team capable of providing a three hundred and sixty-degree service to companies in the fields of personnel management, labour consultancy, marketing and commercial strategies. From this concept arises the need to create a new brand architecture for the three realities: a structure capable of uniting them and, at the same time, capable of maintaining its own identity for each. With this objective, Gruppo WISE has defined a step-by-step strategy:

  • the Rebranding of the logos of the three companies
  • the creation of the parent company Brand “Partner Group HR” and the definition of the Brand Architecture
  • the design of the coordinated image to be used on the supports necessary for the promotion and enhancement of the services of the various Brands.

Rebranding and payoff review
The logos of the three companies have been graphically revised in the pictograms, colours, proportions, sizes and fonts. Aesthetically, an identity has been studied for each one, which reflects the individual competence expressed also by the payoff, but at the same time graphic elements have been added and a style has been adopted that makes the three brands clearly connected. This choice made it possible to identify both the peculiarities of each company, but also to immediately understand its belonging to the group.

Creation of the Corporate Brand and definition of the Brand Architecture
In defining the Corporate Brand, the goal was to present the solidity, structure and compactness of Partner Group HR. In the Brand that acts as an umbrella, the elements common to the three companies have been combined:

  • the concept of “Partner”. The companies are real partners for their customers who are able to support them throughout the collaboration period
  • the concept of “Group”. The three merged companies represent a large structured reality with specific areas of expertise
  • the concept of “HR”. The heart of the three realities is the area of ​​human resources, transversal in terms of skills in all three realities.

In the brand architecture each company has kept its own specific logo, but related to the others, to preserve its strength and recognizability.

Coordinated image
Once the individual Brands and the Corporate Brand were created, the guidelines were defined for the entire coordinated image of the three companies and the group, planning all the supports necessary for the promotion, enhancement and dissemination of services.