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Birthday Wishes for Gruppo WISE

21st February 2018: In Gruppo WISE’s offices at corso Zanardelli, a cake with ten candles can be seen on the desk of Luca Mastrostefano, CEO and founder of the company. It marks the company’s imminent ten-year anniversary and the ten years in which it set up its events organisation industry. It started by organising events and soon expanded to cover all communication aspects and become one of the most dynamic companies in the area by dint of its constant ascent. Since 2008, many aspects have changed for the company. Its range of services has expanded to respond more effectively to the growing communication needs of its clients. The company now also provides digital solutions and strategic advice. The growing number of Team members at the heart of the company further reflect its long-standing belief in teamwork and round-table discussion.

What wish will the company now make as it blows its candles this year? No doubt, that its future be crowned with new successes and that the clarity of its intentions and determination, that made the company stand out over the years, lead it to reach new important targets.

10 anni WISE