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What target has Gruppo WISE set for itself? To continue to grow.

Gruppo WISE continues to grow. Indeed, Borgo Creativo, a communication agency in Brescia established fifteen years ago, recently joined the company to share practical knowledge and expertise with the Team.

Borgo Creativo’s long-standing experience in integrated communication led it over the years to run important projects for several companies operating worldwide in the B2C (Foster, Pedrali, Who’s Who and Perletti) and B2B industries (Mori2A, Univet and Busi Group).

Borgo Creativo’s Team joined Gruppo WISE in June and strengthened the latter’s advertising and brand communication. The partnership will no doubt give renewed impetus to Gruppo WISE’s expansion. It also reaffirms the company’s long-standing desire to become a sole partner in terms of communication and provider of novel solutions. Gruppo WISE’s partnership with Borgo Creativo stems from a desire to be a structured company able to communicate with Italy’s leading companies and provide a communication strategy that combines creative flair with a strong compliance with marketing objectives.