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Oscar dei Bilanci awarded to leading Italian companies.

The Oscar dei Bilanci Evening Gala, organised by Editoriale Bresciana, is an unmissable event that Gruppo WISE has attended since its launch.

It rewards Brescian companies for their annual financial report. For the fourth consecutive year, Gruppo WISE has overseen the event’s communication, organisation and logistical aspects. The event last took place on Wednesday 28th November 2018 in the crowded San Barnaba Auditorium in Brescia. Nine companies were rewarded from different industries including design, historical weapons, interior design and electronics – Light Contract, Aldo Uberti, Ocs S.p.a., Organizzazione Consulenza Sistemi, Colosio Presse, Agrofruit, Mont.El, Pedrali and Aignep S.p.a.

Oscar dei bilanci