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Science and Neuroscience enter the company: Metallurgica San Marco’s MSM Academy


Metallurgica San Marco is an Italian manufacturer of drawn and extruded brass. On Tuesday 21st May, it held a press conference on its new MSM Academy project and the importance of strong resource and skills management for companies to withhold competition in the industry. To address this thorny topic, the company touched on the need to reorganize corporate charts and team formations, thus displaying a critical and forward thinking mindset, exploring fields so far considered far removed from the ‘heavy’ industry, i.e. science and for the first time ever in Italy, neuroscience, drawing on these academic fields to draw inferences and solutions for the industry with great scientific validity.

Gruppo WISE, MSM’s stragegic partner in terms of communications and events management, arranged the conference and tours around the company following the event, managing MSM Academy’s visuals and printing them across advertising materials for the event.

Thanks to its strong PR and Pr Office links, MSM Academy was invited as a lead guest to speak on SMART CITY on Radio 24, an Italian national all-news radio station, owned by newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore ( Listen here ), hosted by Maurizio Melis, that made headlines on all Italian local, regional newspapers.