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Smart Future Academy and Gruppo WISE enter a long-term partnership

Smart Future Academy is Lilli Franceschetti’s innovative project for Italian high school students to help them understand what they would like to become when they ‘grow up’. It puts them in touch with leading global representatives from the business, cultural, science and art worlds. Smart Future Academy has now entered a long-term partnership with Gruppo WISE that helps it promote and manage its events.

The Academy’s third edition is now being implemented across the country in major Italian cities. It takes place in Brescia, where it first started, on Tuesday 26th March, then Turin, Milan, Florence, Padua, Bologna in 2019 with guest speakers like Italian manager and banker Corrado Passera, art critic, politician and television personality Vittorio Sgarbi, former general manager and president of Valentino Spa, Matteo Marzotto and Italian banker Giovanni Bazoli.

Smart Future Academy is aimed at Italian high school students, and free of charge. It provides great work experience for students to meet highly successful individuals that give striking accounts of their personal experience and keys to their success. Students can freely take part in workshops hosted by partnering companies and businesses, and entitled “Jobs of the future”.

Smart Future Academy requested Gruppo WISE to print its image across resources: flyers, brochures, leaflets, video clips and social media, to promote itself and increase its network of partners. Luca Mastrostefano, CEO of Gruppo WISE, is a high-profile partner that fully endorses the Academy and is now on its committee, to share his wisdom and experience with young students.

Smart Future Academy – says Luca Mastrostefano – is aiming at young students, to tap into their potential and connect with older generations. Its scheme links schools with businesses and draws strength from the exchange. I consider it a privilege to be a part of the Academy and can see its likeness to Gruppo WISE, that also invests in people’s potential, backgrounds and circumstances to help build a better future