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Brescia For Charity: solidarity objective achieved. Donations collected were 250 thousand euros

With a great success of participation and generosity, the first edition of Brescia for Charity ended. A fundraising event in support of ten charitable associations in the Brescia area, promoted by the Rotary Club of Brescia Sud Ovest Maclodio in its twentieth year since its foundation, Brescia Municipality and the organizational partnership of Gruppo WISE.

As part of the great final show in Piazza Loggia, hosted by TikToker Mattia Stanga and the artistic director of Radio Bresciasette, Maddalena Damini, it was announced that the donation target set at 250 thousand euros had been exceeded.

The closing night was a riot of emotions, with musical and comedy performances that entertained the audience. Among the guests of honour who animated the evening were: Da Family, Deborah Iurato, Manuel Ciancarelli, Daniel Posniak, Saturnino, Paolo Migone, Gianluca Fubelli, Vincenzo Regis and Andrea Casta. These artists, with their talent and warmth, contributed to creating an atmosphere of celebration and solidarity, demonstrating how art and entertainment can be powerful tools of union and generosity.

The event saw an enthusiastic participation of more than 2000 people: from citizens, to local businesses, to institutions, who actively collaborated throughout the entire month of the initiative, united by the desire to do good. The donations, in fact, will be donated to the following local charities: 1000 Passi per Brescia, AIL Brescia, Associazione Obiettivo Sorriso, Associazione Brescia Respiro (BRESP), Carolina Zani Melanoma Foundation, White Cross of Brescia, ANT Foundation of Brescia, Nadia Toffa Foundation, La Zebra Onlus and Via Etica. But the long wave of Brescia for Charity is destined to generate positive effects in the future too.

The presentation of the event supported in the Chamber of Deputies last May 10th, delivered a common project that could be a replicable matrix used anywhere in Italy. The collaboration and synergy between the different realities of the territory were fundamental to the success of Brescia for Charity and demonstrated that, together, it is possible to really make a difference and that solidarity is a value that truly unites and strengthens the entire community.

The success of Brescia for Charity represents an important step forward in the path of awareness and support for the third sector promoted by Gruppo WISE. The company is committed to continuing to enhance the role of charities and to encourage collaboration between the different local entities to build a more supportive and inclusive community. Thanks to the donations, in fact, specific projects with a great impact in the Brescia area will be supported. Actually, thanks to the daily commitment of the charities involved, projects can be supported which include, among others, assistance for minors, support for people with disabilities, the fight against poverty and research in the medical-scientific field.

Brescia for Charity represents an innovative model of support for the territory, capable of evolving collaboration between institutions, private individuals, businesses and commercial activities oriented towards solidarity with a concomitant development of territorial welfare” – states Luca Mastrostefano, CEO of Gruppo WISE -. “This event was a true triumph of solidarity and collaboration. Seeing so many people united for a common cause was exciting and rewarding. The generosity of the participants was extraordinary and we are proud to have exceeded the ambitious fundraising goal.”