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Gruppo WISE strategic partner in the Brass Supply Chain project recognized by the Lombardy Region

Gruppo WISE is among the signatories of the project for the Brass Supply Chain, entitled “Innovation, circular economy and sustainability: the levers for the competitiveness of the integrated brass production chain”, recognized by the Lombardy Region. On January 30, the institutions assigned an excellent score to the project, which is part of the initiative promoted by the “Pirellone” for the development of supply chains and industrial ecosystems.

With Metallurgica San Marco leading the project, Gruppo WISE participated in the analysis together with the University of Brescia and the companies Agevola srl Società Benefit, AQM, Cidneo Metallurgica, Com.Steel, CSMT Gestione, Elettro Stile, Fedabo, Garom, Presezzi Extrusion, R.B.M., Tecnofor and Umana Analytics.

The project aims to identify a shared growth path between all the actors involved, enhancing the physical, technical and human resources characteristic of the Lombardy region and, in particular, of the province of Brescia, recognized as the European capital of brass production. The industries of this province generate 50% of the continental output of brass rods and the tap products made here boast an export rate of 80%. The project promotes innovation and sustainability, focusing on the environmental compatibility of research and technological innovation projects, as well as initiatives aimed at human resources. A key objective is to stimulate new forms of collaboration between companies, to increase their competitiveness, innovative capacity and sustainability.

As part of this project, Gruppo WISE will develop marketing and communication strategies to improve the perception of the brass industry, highlighting the excellence and values of the supply chain. This will include actions to increase brand awareness, leveraging digital tools and organizing networking events to broaden visibility and awareness. Effective coordination of these actions will facilitate the dissemination of strategic information content, strengthening the company’s role as a leader in its sector.