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G.Club 2024: the first previews of the 2nd edition of the invitational circuit for companies

The success of 2023 is renewed with the second edition of the G.Club – Where golf meets business circuit, the exclusive Invitational circuit dedicated to companies that wish to give their customers a high-level experience in the world of golf. The sporting event, organized by WISE Golf business unit of WISE Eventi, represents a perfect mix of sport, business and prestige in the golf panorama.

Venues of the four stages
The circuit will unfold in four of the most prestigious golf clubs in Italy. The first stage on 11 April 2024 will be hosted at the Le Betulle Golf Club (Biella). The prestigious magazine Il Mondo del Golf has recognized Club Le Betulle (Biella) in first place 18 times, second 6 times and third 4 times in the Top Ten Award.
However, on May 16 G.Club will move to Appiano Gentile, in the Como area, to the La Pinetina Golf Club: seventy hectares of greenery immersed in the Pineta Park of Appiano Gentile and Tra-date.
Just over a month later, on 20 June, we will remain in Lombardy, but will arrive in Brianza at the Mi-lano Golf Club, located in the prestigious Royal Park of Monza.
The final stage will be on 12 September, in the hills overlooking Lake Garda to reach the Arzaga Golf Club in Calvagese della Riviera, Brescia.

Protagonists of a highly prestigious event
G.Club, since the first edition, has given itself an image of extreme exclusivity. Professional net-working is, in fact, inserted with perfect geometry into a high-level sporting event with a careful business-related imprint. The planning of the event days stands out for a perfect balance between sport and moments of aggregation, thanks to the shotgun game formula, specifically designed to achieve these objectives. G.Club is a luxury level proposal with an investment in the organization of over 100 thousand euros necessary to guarantee an experience of the highest level. One Title Part-ner and 18 Main Partners will be selected, each of whom will have the opportunity to participate in the event together with four guests.

Exceptional partner for the 2024 edition
The upcoming edition of the Invitational circuit promises to be with further growing indicators and proposals. This is also stated by the panel of partners who decided to support the event: financial institutions and companies that are examples of historicity, solidity and prestige on the markets. Banca Valsabbina will be the Title Partner of the edition, while the Main Partners will be: Com-steel, Fasoli Gioiellerie, Fimi Group, Funk Group, Gruppo WISE, Memoria Expo, Mercury, Metallurgica San Marco, Pam System, Piacenza 1733, Presezzi SpA, Remer Rubinetterie . Cento25, Dispensa SRL, Fabbrica Creativa and Icona Spirits will be, instead the Partners.

Relations and business focus of the event
G.Club represents a concrete and innovative way of combining networking, sport and entertain-ment. These three objectives, in fact, are pursued through careful planning, in which every moment is designed to guarantee maximum participant satisfaction along all three areas.

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