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Companies: Gruppo WISE and Fedabo together for the creation of sustainability reports.

The sustainability report is a document that reports company performance not only from an economic perspective, but also from an environmental and social one. It helps provide a complete vision of the impact the company has on the planet and society, thus linking these crucial spheres of intervention to financial results. It pursues objectives of transparency, improvement, responsibility and reputation whose mandatory introduction, in compliance with EU regulations, is rapidly approaching. In fact, if its drafting is necessary in relation to the 2024 financial year for large listed companies, banks and insurance companies with more than 500 employees, the obligation will extend from the following year.

For large companies with more than 250 employees and/or 40 million euros in turnover and/or 20 million euros in total assets, the deadline is set for 1 January 2025, while, from the following year, it will become mandatory for SMEs and other listed companies. To support companies in implementing the European environmental transition and to fulfill regulatory obligations, Gruppo WISE has developed specific and proven specific experience in the creation of non-financial declarations. Furthermore, an activity in line with the orientation that has long been developed in the strategy of Gruppo WISE itself which, already in 2022, became a benefit company.

The partnership with Fedabo for a complete service
Gruppo WISE, in collaboration with the Fedabo company, can guarantee a complete service that ranges from analysis to the concrete creation of sustainability reports. A partnership that has already led to the creation of non-financial reports for important industrial groups including Bedeschi, Copan, Metallurgica San Marco and Sublitex. Fedabo, in its rich ecosystem of services relating to efficiency, energy saving and sustainability, boasts profound professionalism in the fundamental steps of drawing up a sustainability report.

They can be summarized, mainly, in the identification of the material topics and the stakeholders involved, in the verification of the parameters applicable from the Global Reporting Initiative guidelines (which allow comparability at an international level), in the definition of the indicators to be published and, subsequently, in the collection of data and calculations of the values of the indicators preparatory to drafting the report. Gruppo WISE declines, through a tailor-made approach, corporate communication and the results of sustainability analysis for the creation of non-financial reporting with exclusive and completely green oriented productions.

Sustainability reports tailored to company needs
The work of Gruppo WISE in the creative creation of reports includes briefings with the customer, through which the entire communication and strategic system of the company is investigated, in order to identify a product that best reflects its identity, in full environmental declination.

The professional staff can subsequently create a graphic product aligned with the client’s communication style, where present, or create creations entirely from scratch. What both methods have in common is a completely customized product that highlights a style with an integral communication approach oriented towards environmental sustainability that immediately conveys its nature and, at the same time, facilitates the reader’s and stakeholders’ perception of the company’s green commitment. The sustainability reports edited by Gruppo WISE and Fedabo, therefore, represent products characterized by a recognized seriousness of analysis and collection of data in publications with great recognizability, clarity and orientation towards the specific objective contained in them.