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WISE Group convention: 2023 results and strategies for great teamwork

Gruppo WISE brought together all its collaborators on Friday 12 January 2024 for a convention to simultaneously achieve important company objectives.

First of all, sharing the satisfaction deriving from the exceptional economic results recorded in the 2023 financial year. A transparency that the management interprets as a real value, a tool through which to concretely redistribute the merits of the great work carried out by a team made up of twen-ty serious and professional enthusiasts.
And also, the convention provided the opportunity to transmit the strategic and operational guide-lines that will embody 2024, while transmitting targets, lines of intervention and investment.
This is to immerse the structure in a real shared project, which leaves the space and ways for each member to internalize and increase expectations and solutions from within themselves.
A recent past and an immediate future that can do nothing without a focused and collaborative team, open to new challenges and aware of its potential. For this reason, the day proposed a team building activity, aimed at strengthening security and relationships.

Hosted at the Corte Piovanelli restaurant in Brescia, the meeting opened with the intervention of the CEO of Gruppo WISE, Luca Mastrostefano, who conveyed the main, and exceptional, economic results achieved in 2023. The company has, in fact, certified its own turnover of 2.5 million euros, up 35% compared to the 2022 budget. Its profit also rose significantly, recording an increase of 40% compared to the previous year. An indicator, as underlined by Mastrostefano, which unequivocally certifies the quality of the services offered, the efficiency of the organizational processes and the identification of a perfect balance both in terms of the type of service (communication, marketing and events) and that of the customer (B2B and B2C).

Respecting its essence, summarized by the certification of benefit company acquired in 2022 which sees its path in the care of the environment, society and individual. Erica Danesi, General Manager of the company, shared the operational strategies and processes that will be implemented during of 2024. In fact, innovative projects regarding all-round sustainability are anticipated, but also signifi-cant investment plans aimed at human resources, training and obtaining further certifications. And again, strengthening its role as a qualified strategic consultant, in which the provision of services represents only one of the tools necessary to achieve the objectives set by its customers, first-rate players on the national scene. Finally, to get into high gear in terms of event organization, in which business and relationships represent increasingly innovative solutions on the market.

Finally, the convention proposed an innovative team building initiative coordinated by the chef of Event Bio, Daniele Fabris. The Gruppo WISE team, which included top management, was involved in a cooking activity, in which the fundamental theme of cooperation was addressed in an engaging and highly educational manner. Divided into two teams, each led by a reference chef, each team got behind the stove to create a menu consisting of four courses. The teams therefore cooked for the other team, bringing out an unusual competition, represented by an exclusively win-win route. The satisfaction of each team, in fact, was not aimed only at itself or in opposition to that of the op-ponent. The added value of the proposal was to identify a midpoint that would allow you to con-dense your satisfaction and that of the other team in a single gesture. Both teams received awards, and one of the two was cited for best achieving the objectives set by chef Fabris. A moment of growth, of closeness: the best way to prepare together, for future challenges and sure successes.