Asst Spedali Civili

"Il mio canto libero": the video to thank the whole country.

During the period of the health emergency, the “Spedali Civili di Brescia” was one of the largest Covid-Hospitals in the world, with over 3,000 patients treated and 6,500 doctors, nurses and health workers who were on the front line to save lives. To thank the community that, in the months of lockdown, had been close to the hospital with donations, flash mobs, and messages of support – as had happened in many other heavily affected cities – the Management and the whole team of the hospital gave life to an initiative, promoted by the Rotary Club Brescia South West Maclodio, that saw Gruppo WISE managing and coordinating the project.

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The project – endorsements
The message of gratitude was conveyed through the creation of a music video promoted by Rotary Brescia Sud Ovest Maclodio and sponsored by Vivigas Energia. Fausto Leali  lent his unmistakable voice to this initiative, who sang “Il mio canto libero”, a 1972 masterpiece by Battisti – Mogol, on the steps of the Brescia hospital. In addition to Gruppo WISE, the project was able to count on the technical and professional support of many important companies such as AlbatrosFilm, D’Alessandro and Galli and the “Associazione Musicale l’Ottava”.

Press office
The video was previewed to the press on June 25th. Through intense media relations and press office work coordinated by Gruppo WISE, the news of the initiative and the video itself were broadcast by the main national television channels (Tg1 – Sky) and footage taken by over 50 publications in print and online newspapers.