Gruppo Brixia

Gruppo WISE for Gruppo Brixia: rebranding and website for the historic brescian holding.

Solidity, growth and shared value. Since 1960, the Gruppo Brixia has been operating in the Brescia area, developing its activities in various sectors.

Multiple activities, a single beating heart, from today with a new name, logo and coordinated image, renewed, designed and cared for in every detail by Gruppo WISE.

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Logo and coordinated image
An institutional and concrete logo, which transmits solidity and in the lower part shows 1960, the date of foundation, to underline the history and roots of a holding that over the years has distinguished itself in numerous sectors: from the distribution and marketing of liquid and gaseous fuels with low environmental impact for the automotive sector, the real estate market and the marketing and assistance of industrial vehicles.

Many areas, now represented by a memorable and distinctive brand: Gruppo Brixia.

The chosen font expresses elegance and refinement and on the word Group the regular version of the font is used whereas bold is used on the word Brixia. The lines above and below the logo are reminiscent of the temples of ancient Brixia, which gracefully accompany and reinforce the concept of stability and order.

Strength and structure are expressed throughout the coordinated image that accompanies the rebranding.

Gruppo WISE was also involved in the design and implementation of the website

A slim and elegant structure, which incorporates the colours and the distinctive elements of the brand, describing in a few pages the essential information of the renewed Brescia reality.

A reality, that now unites under the Gruppo Brixia brand as many as 11 companies, foundations and projects and that over the years has generously reinvested funds in research, culture, art and technological innovation, to give back to the territory what this territory has repeatedly donated to realities of the Group itself.