Distretto Rotary 2050

Rotary 030: an extraordinary event, a unique parterre of guests and a first-class artistic occasion.

Gruppo WISE took over the organization for the 2050 Rotary District, a reality that included over 70 Rotary Clubs located in the provinces of Brescia, Cremona, Lodi, Mantua, Pavia and Piacenza.

The charity – which has exponents in the most varied economic and professional activities – works in synergy worldwide to render a humanitarian service to society, encouraging respect for high ethical principles in the exercise of each profession and helping to spread a message of friendship and peace.

The occasion was one of the most prestigious, the celebrations for the district’s thirtieth anniversary.

An event designed and created by the Gruppo WISE team in every single detail, from the concept to the logo, from the choice of location to the management of the artistic set-ups to the show schedule.

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Zero, like Zero Poliomyelitis: the aim of the event was to help eliminate polio in the world. A fundraiser launched with an international campaign that makes use of great strengths to reach this ambitious goal: on the one hand, the faces of testimonials of the calibre of Bill Gates and Francesco Totti, who with their communicative power go straight to the head and to the hearts of users, on the other hand, the extensiveness of the numerous Rotary districts, which are spread all over the world. Both ways point to the generosity of those who, with cash donations, will make a concrete contribution to supporting research.

Thirty – like the years celebrated by the Rotary District 2050, which has been operational since 1986 with its numerous charitable activities and its 3,100 members.

030 is also the telephone area code that characterizes Brescia – the city hosting the event. The perfect mix between attachment to the territory and the expression of the historicity of the 2050 District.

Inevitable in the 030 – ZEROTRENTA logo is the famous “wheel of pioneers“, which has always been an emblem of Rotary Clubs around the world and a symbol of civilization and movement.

The Pala Banco di Brescia was the perfect location to welcome the over 1000 guests for the evening. It was chosen for its capacity and its strategic location, with its 400 square metres of foyer, 1600 square metres of theatre and 3000 square metres of park.

The technically complete and equipped stage and the large modular spaces available completed the pluses of one of the most appreciated locations by the numerous national and international productions hosted over the years.

The evening was divided into two parts: an opening with an aperitif and live music followed by a buffet dinner, with a tasting itinerary featuring local food and wine products. At the end, a spectacular show was accompanied by DJ sets.

Among the highlights of ZEROTRENTA certainly stand out the breathtaking performances of the Sonics: acrobatic numbers on the ground and aerial athletic performances where power and physical grace created a perfect mix capable of bringing the public into an atmosphere suspended between dream and reality.

With their shows, the company’s athletes and performers have flown over the skies and squares of half the world: from Miami to Dubai, from Patras to Mumbai, passing through Athens, Beirut, Kiev and Rio de Janeiro. An artistic partner of international calibre completed by the magical figure of Paolo Carta, a sand show performer considered among the most eclectic and talented in this sphere.

Rotary 030 made itself a successful charity event, putting together extensive support in the fight against polio.