Metalmark, online in record time the ecommerce with 11,000 products in the catalogue.

Gruppo WISE alongside Metalmark, a historic retail trade brand, in the creation in record time of an impressive e-commerce portal, with an offer that exceeds 11,000 products in the catalogue.

The current pandemic situation – which has made access to the store more and more complex – has accelerated Metalmark’s already elaborate strategic need to evolve in the online sale of its products, thus adding this strategic channel to the 28,000 square metres of store, based in Orzinuovi (BS).

A real challenge for Gruppo WISE, in terms of times and methods of work: an on-point project management has allowed the development and putting online of e-commerce in just a month and a half.

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Gruppo WISE has designed and developed the online ecommerce platform for Metalmark at, an advanced and at the same time intuitive solution, perfectly usable by different devices.

The target? To guarantee the customer the best user experience in all navigation phases: from the choice of products, to the selection of offers, up to the confirmation of the order. More than 11,000 products were needed to be implemented in the online platform in a very short time to respond in the best possible way to the Covid-19 emergency.

The Metalmark catalogue mainly consists of furniture, toys, items for children, household articles, DIY, lamps, footwear, clothing and leisure products; considering the sheer number of references, the product search menu has been optimized and organized into 105 categories and subcategories.

The e-commerce platform is directly connected to the management system and the warehouse, managed centrally by the Metalmark store. In this way, a correct sales service can be guaranteed at all times, synchronized with the stocks in the warehouse and with any requests for assistance.

The performance of Metalmark e-commerce is constantly monitored by Google Analytics with advanced tracking. In the month of the launch the users connected to the site were 40,000.

Always with a view to proximity and customer support, the live chat was implemented which ensures the online user direct contact in real time with a Metalmark operator. The e-commerce is completed by a constantly updated blog with useful tips and a newsletter that promptly communicates discounts and ongoing promotions to existing customers.

The e-commerce portal is integrated with the comparator “”, with Google Merchant Center and Facebook Shopping, tools that will allow Metalmark to increase the competitiveness of the Brand on a national scale, to create new touchpoints with users – thanks to information made available to shoppers anywhere in Google – and to launch personalized ad campaigns with the intent of expanding their customer network.

But the project does not stop there: integrations with Amazon and Ebay are currently underway to allow users to purchase through the two main international e-commerce. Also, in this case items and stocks will be synchronized in real time; it will also be possible to view the status of the order from shipment to delivery.