Chalet G

Relax in great style, with Chalet G and Gruppo WISE!

High altitude atmosphere, sunsets that leave you breathless, all the warmth of mountain cabins: Chalet G is a place of true relaxation and contact with nature. The owner’s choice  was to involve Gruppo WISE in studying the logo and corporate identity, the collaboration then continued with the set-ups and design of the gadgets.

The request was to be able to transfer a clear positioning, from holiday home to exclusive B&B.

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The Chalet G logo is simple, modern and at the same time refined. The font chosen is Barlow, rigorous but characterized by its rounded shape that enhance its harmony.

The Chalet G Brand remains impressed in the mind thanks to the characteristic bar that joins the two words that compose it:  this geometric sign represents hospitality and also the mountains rising up on the horizontal line. The ample space between the letters, gives a refined effect of lightness and spaciousness.

The colour palette is inspired by nature, from the pine forests to the sun setting over the mountains. We then move from fir green to gold, without ever losing sight of the concepts of relaxation and well-being, which are absolutely fundamental in the experience of every guest.

The work done on the Branding is enhanced by the exclusive monogram that adds to the harmony between the letters C and G and places the mountains at the top, like a crown.

Coordinated image
The warm, welcoming and elegant environment of Chalet G is totally recreated in the harmony of the coordinated image designed by Gruppo WISE. In particular, the signs on the outside and inside of Chalet G and all the accessories that makes the guests’ stay unique and memorable have been designed to be part of the experience.

Set-up & Gadgets
Chalet G is synonymous with accuracy, a feature required in the development of the entire project. The spaces as well as the gadgets that pamper guests are designed to accompany their stay and to ensure that the Chalet G experience extends even after the holiday has finished.