Gruppo Editoriale Bresciana

Digital event production: Gruppo WISE launch online "Oscar dei Bilanci".

We said it would be a challenge, this year more than ever. A completely redesigned event, planned and created from a digital perspective.

To guarantee the safety of all participants and ensure compliance with the regulations, Gruppo WISE  transformed the traditional ‘Oscar dei Bilanci’ into a memorable online experience: the methods changed, the experiences changed, the quality of the contents and the skills of those who decided to get involved remained and all the potential was exploited in a way that only digital is able to offer right now.

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Technique and technology
The two interactive Factory Nolo studios equipped with innovative XR (Extended Reality) technology and one of the largest 4k limbo in Italy were used to create the event.

As well as 20 audio / video technicians, 2 directors, 1 creative director, 1 production manager, latest generation platforms for direct streaming and remote video capture, 6 cameras and 4 10k laser led projectors.

Measurable results
With different budgets, sometimes even limited ones, it is in fact possible to reach the objective in a targeted and effective way, measuring step by step the performance of the efforts put in place. An indispensable tool for those who, in their communication and marketing strategy, want to be able to quantify tangible results and set more ambitious but achievable goals from time to time.

The ‘Oscar dei Bilanci’, the event held in the Factory NoLo location in Milan, was then broadcasted live on the portals of the ‘Giornale di Brescia’.

We, your Partner
We believe in the evolution of technology and we know that digital events will be an excellent ally for the future. This is why we have chosen to invest in technology, know-how and training: to support our customers in this important and fundamental development process.

We are ready.
The show must go online. (cit.)