When concept and coordinated image are the essence of the message.

A new concept used in a unique catalogue of its kind and an event to celebrate its innovation. Thus MORI 2A has entrusted Gruppo WISE with its new visual communication: innovative, colourful, versatile, essential, effective and in perfect corporate style.

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The company
For over 70 years MORI 2A has represented a solid and constantly evolving production reality, specialized in the production of stainless steel and plastic articles for the HORECA sector with customers in over 40 countries worldwide. Transparency, precision, versatility and technological competence are the features that characterize the company’s production cycle. Design, materials, research, prototyping, design and functionality studies, testing, implementation of the production line, storage and logistics of the finished product are the valuable components chosen by MORI 2A to become the technical-commercial partner in the growth of the main brands producing household appliances and professional catering equipment.

Concept and catalogue
Strong colours, direct language and content organization: on this basis the new concept of MORI 2A was studied, then used in the new company catalogue, unique in its kind. In fact, it is not a simple catalogue, but real monothematic volumes:

  • Company profile
  • Tanks
  • Gastro-norm
  • Ice cream
  • Industrial applications
  • Glass trays
  • Moa design (the new and only product line that will be marketed for the first time under the MORI 2A brand)

This division allows one to organize the distribution based on the interest of customers. Each volume, according to the topic, has a benchmark and is introduced by a mini company presentation.

New Visual and photo shoot
For the new Visual of the catalogue volumes and images, in harmony with the new concept, a current, effective and realistic photographic approach was chosen: real products combined with real ingredients, within a three-dimensional space with coloured boxes made specifically to create volume on stage. In fact, for this project, Gruppo WISE organized a photographic shoot where it focused not on the classic still life, but on a more minimal scene, capable of mixing and highlighting the best products, ingredients and articles of MORI 2A: in every single shot the focus was entirely on the characterizing colour that outlines the section and mood.

Catalogue and packaging
The presentation packaging is characterized by class and aesthetics. The volumes or part of them, based on the reference target, are delivered inside a box set that incorporates the new concept in style and design. From paper to realityThe new catalogue was then presented as part of an event at Feeling Food Milano. The organization and communication was managed by Gruppo WISE, which dealt in particular with the choice and preparation of the location and the management of suppliers and invitations. It was a casual evening attended by over 100 people. To recreate the right atmosphere and at the same time to present the latest MORI 2A items, two rooms were set up: the first was dedicated to presenting the company’s products, the second, more convivial and relaxing where guests could taste the food while listening to live music. There was no official presentation: the room itself, on the occasion, was a vehicle for communicating the new concept. The presentation of the catalogue and products were in fact perceptible through seven panels (which reproduced the opening images of the individual volumes) with a looped video that presented the 7 catalogues. The buffet was prepared using the “buffet line” of MORI 2A, also the tables, placemats, glasses, plates, bowls and finger food accessories were all in fact MORI 2A creations.

New color palette and more minimal style. In this way Gruppo WISE designed MORI 2A website, starting its journey by exploring the worlf of colors. Each individual product category is linked to a color, reaching a total of six. The website took on a clearer and simpler look maintaining its original identity.