La Meridiana

La meridiana veterinary clinic: a new image for new services

Gruppo WISE led a complete renewal of the image and communication of La Meridiana Veterinary Clinic. A centre which is divided into three locations, specializing in the treatment and surgery in numerous spheres of intervention dedicated to small pets, in particular dogs and cats.

The project is aimed at creating a new, coordinated and clear visual and content presentation, in order, at the same time, to promote the service of opening and receiving patients H24.

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From the logo to the online booking of visits

Starting from the logo Gruppo WISE began its commitment to enhance the H24 assistance service of the La Meridiana clinic. Furthermore, a synthesis of the specificity of the species to which veterinary assistance is offered – cats and dogs – finds faithful reproduction. A “talking” logo, therefore, capable of transmitting clear and direct messages and information to the public.

From the image, Gruppo WISE subsequently took care of the creation of the website on which work was carried out to address potential customers up to the selection of the domain name. Images and copywriting were aimed at enhancing the multidisciplinary professionals who work there, transferring to visitors a clear and empathic presentation of the structure of the clinic, transparently introducing each service, the specialization offered and in which veterinarian of the structure should be sought. The shooting of the photos that frame the digital platform was taken care of by Gruppo WISE. In the same way, an innovative landing page was designed and put into operation, through which it is possible to proceed with a quick and clear online booking of services.

Social networks and offline communication

The animal health sector is a context that touches people’s sensitivity. For this reason, clear, orderly communication applied to any means of communication is extremely important. Gruppo WISE has therefore also edited the La Meridiana brochure, guaranteeing the creation of a qualifying offline support rich in information for the benefit of customers.

At the same time, communication was prepared by means of social networks in which content of a varied nature is transmitted, mixing service information with engaging and emotional content with others relating to events or moments of in-depth training dedicated to pet owners.


The Clinic

La Meridiana Veterinary Clinic is a centre which is divided into three locations, specializing in the treatment and surgery in numerous spheres of intervention dedicated to small pets and offering a 24-hour veterinary first aid service.



The main palette is designed on a warm colour such as orange that aims to represent the emotional sphere and communicate warmth, closeness and care; at the same time, blue finds its use in the institutional context to convey professionalism.

For this reason, the warmest colour is the one used for all tools and contents with an informative and service cut, while blue is entrusted to corporate communication.



A website that aims to present the clinic and its services through contents aimed at enhancing the multidisciplinary professionals who work there by presenting each service, the specialization offered and the 24-hour assistance in a clear and empathic way.

Strategically, in addition to the site, a landing page was designed with the aim of responding to emergency situations at night and on holidays: a smart tool to support the 24-hour service.


The image created also finds its use on the clinic’s social channels, strategically developed with ad hoc columns that aim to inform and involve the community.

An organic publication activity is accompanied by a sponsorship activity in support of the digital strategy.