Denever spirits: Gruppo WISE, a complete support for image, communication and marketing

Gruppo WISE joined the Venetian distilleries Denever Spirits in a complex and elaborate venture, which saw it as the author of a complete integrated communication project, as well as director of a positioning strategy, designer and creator of all the digital and offline supports employed by the company.

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From the name to the integral construction of a brand of excellence

Customer support has provided complete participation in every communication and marketing area. Gruppo WISE was engaged in the study of the naming of the brand itself and, from it, the design of the names of the products, the payoff, the company logo and that of the spirits in the catalogue. A dualism emerges from the entire architecture that is the structure of Denever: excellent tradition of the raw material and extraordinary innovation of production. A bridge between past and future has been created, well summarized by the chosen name (denever, in Venetian, means juniper, one of the essential ingredients of the spirits produced) and by the payoff (the Venetian spirit that plays with words and assonances linked to the essence of society) the entire scaffolding of the visual and textual identity created for the client has been built.

A new site with e-commerce sales

The communication was also fully developed on the company’s website platform. Copywriting, trees and graphic design were created by Gruppo WISE, in full respect of the strong and innovative identity of the client and its productions. An important development of the company’s business strategy is also represented by retail, also interpreted by an e-commerce that Gruppo WISE has created entirely on the Denever website. A fast, captivating and intuitive customer experience has supported the development of online sales of the company’s products.

Packaging and images between territory and innovation

Gruppo WISE has fully created every complementary graphic and illustration of the packaging of Denever spirits. The study carried out took as its point of origin the definition of colours that have associated metallic colours – copper colour for the still, gold to represent the sparkling prosecco and silver to remember the absinthe spoon – colour characterizing the territory. An example of this are the shades of blue reproduced on a spirit made from juniper, a plant that grows in the Dolomites and of which the reflections of pristine waters are recalled. This is Denever: a reality that finds strong roots in its territories, rich in excellent raw materials and centuries-old traditions.
The Venetian hills, the lands of origin of Denever, find space on the packaging of Prosecco Vermouth: on those slopes in the sun grow the grapes from which are extracted one of the most famous bubbles in the world. And finally, Pure White Absinthe, with the colour of Artemisia from which it is extracted that blends with the green waters of the Venetian lagoon. In those streets, art, music and culture have merged with absinthe for centuries: a spirit often shrouded in mystery. A halo that remains, but that has never been so pure.



Gruppo WISE joined the Venetian distilleries Denever Spirits in a complex and composite path, which saw it as the author of an integrated communication project, as well as the director of a positioning strategy. An articulated and stimulating project, to give a face and a voice to a reality of ancient origins, but with a contemporary spirit.

and logo

The study of a suitable name has always been an essential step for the success of a brand. The design of product names, the logo and the payoff also came from this phase. Denever, in Veneto, means juniper: one of the basic ingredients of the spirits produced. It is a tribute to the Venetian tradition, with a bridge that connects past and future, between history and innovation, giving life to a dualism that emerges in the entire architecture of the brand.


Denever spirits are dignity and lightness, hard work and intoxication, wisdom and irony: a wealth of knowledge and ideas to which Gruppo WISE wanted to give the right positioning and the right voice. The branding strategy, tailor-made for this reality, gives us the image of an activity that has decided to combine the centuries-old tradition of a territory with a contemporary and innovative spirit.








The graphic design is also consistently expressed in the illustrations of the packaging.
The colours studied by Gruppo WISE fully reflect the essence of the places where these spirits come to life.
The clear and pristine waters of the Dolomites, the ancient hills where the prosecco vines are grown, the colours of the magical Venetian lagoon. Form and content that come together in one thing: a spirit that has never been so pure, genuine and with a strong sense of identify.

Sito web

The communication strategy was also fully developed on the company’s website. A clear and intuitive user experience, in which copy and graphics tell us about the “Venetian spirit” by looking at geography and cultural heritage, which are always described using contemporary language, in a constant dialogue between ancient and modern.


An important section of the project is represented by the development of the e-commerce platform: a strategic point of sale, characterized by an intuitive and captivating customer experience, able to best enhance the Denever spirits, presented in a contemporary visual design, but respectful of the strong identity of the brand.