Lart Studio

One studio, two professionals. Gruppo WISE designs the new LART image.

LART is a project that arises from the encounter between two architects Lucia Antonelli and Renato Tavelli, hence the acronym LART. It takes shape thanks to the union of their experiences and skills. They are truly complementary and the projects that have been entrusted to them by an international clientele are proof of this.

Unique, exclusive and tailored solutions such as the rebranding project were taken care of by Gruppo WISE for LART. The work on the Brand was followed by the design of the website, a portal of great inspiration thanks to the large portfolio section for which Gruppo WISE was also responsible for as well as that of the direction of photography.

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New proportions, clean, geometric and minimal lines were used for the new LART logo, designed to convey elegance and harmony with a strong connotation to the world of interior design – even in the colour choices.  To support the acronym which comes from the initials of the two architects, who are the soul of LART, the payoff “architects” was inserted, with the dual aim of enhancing the identity of the individual professional and at the same time conveying the alchemy that is created when Lucia Antonelli and Renato Tavelli design together.

Online at ‘’, the new LART portal: a site with a great visual impact and a structure that enhances the images and guarantees an immersive experience for the user.

The portfolio section is a real journey into the architectural solutions created by Lucia Antonelli and Renato Tavelli and each project is conveyed through a wide selection of images. The site was developed in both Italian and English.The copywriting was also entirely entrusted to Gruppo WISE, resulting in direct, simple but at the same time evocative language.

Photo Shooting/Direction of photography
Great attention was paid to the photographic contributions included on the LART website. Gruppo WISE organized several photo shoots in the most prestigious residences. The selected images collaborate in defining the style and visual identity of LART, fixing its positioning in an incisive way.