Marco Polo Institute

Multichannel communication signed by Gruppo WISE for Marco Polo Institutes.

Students being at the centre, innovation methods and professional use of technologies. The mission of the Marco Polo Institute was, for the communication agency Gruppo WISE, the starting point for conceiving, designing and using the Institute’s Brand on video and web media.

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The client
The Marco Polo Institute has equivalent state recognition which includes the humanities secondary school with linguistic and sports enhancement. The Marco Polo Institute is one of the most qualified scholastic reference points in Lombardy, with forty years of teaching experience, and its awareness of the importance of appropriate and advanced education, both in terms of method and updating of technical subjects. In addition to also being particularly avant-garde in the use of the most modern IT systems in the management of ministerial teaching programmers for specific reference subjects.

Spot and video
From the creative idea to the screenplay, from the art direction to the production: Gruppo WISE has designed and created two spots to be broadcast on Sky TV dedicated to the secondary school with sports enhancement and to the BMSB, Bilingual Middle School of Brescia, founded from the collaboration between the Little England school and the Marco Polo Institute, which offers an innovative study program where 33% of the subjects are offered in English. From the initial briefing with the client, which revealed the purpose of telling the reality of the two schools and their services, two emotional scripts were created that involved the same students. For the secondary school it was based on the concepts of well-being related to sport, happiness, talent and getting involved. For the bilingual school, the focus was on the opportunities offered by learning English at an early age and on the methods of study.

From here two spots were created that mix energy, character, practicality, beauty and enthusiasm.

The two videos were then also used within the Institute’s web and social channels, continuing to send the clear message of the identity of the schools, the services offered, the educational values ​​they transmit using effective and emotional visual language and sound.

Web sites
Eye-catching graphics, use of videos shot with a drone, ease of navigation, SEO indexing and transparency of information. Gruppo WISE created and designed the websites of the Marco Polo Institute and the BMSB bilingual school. The message that stands out through the sites is the uniqueness of these two technologically very advanced realities which, with their structure and organization, are able to satisfy and facilitate the needs of different types of students providing a highly flexible professional staff and services that cannot be found in other schools.

The use of colours and fonts fully expresses both the individual identity of the two schools and that of the group to which they belong, fully responding to the coordinated image designed for the Institute.

Social management
Gruppo WISE is assisting the Institutes in the management of its social channels, in particular Facebook, to promote their activities and services, with an editorial plan designed to highlight the characteristics of the various schools of the group.