Nadia Toffa Foundation

GRUPPO WISE communication partner of the Nadia Toffa Foundation.

A logo that respects its essence and values, a website that promotes its objectives and mission, a press office that conveys messages and activities, and events that contribute to fundraising. The Nadia Toffa Foundation has chosen the Gruppo WISE agency for its communication, to give itself an image and share with the public the important activities it is involved in.

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The Nadia Toffa Foundation
The Foundation was founded in 2019 upon the express wishes of Nadia Toffa’s family. She was  a young investigative journalist who always stood out for her commitment and courage, who died prematurely due to cancer against which she fought without ever losing her smile. The mission of the Foundation is to give concrete help to those who work every day to improve the health and life of the weakest and most defenseless people, pursuing the values ​​of solidarity and search for truth of which Nadia Toffa has been a symbol and for which she always fought for during her life.

The logo
An unmistakable smile and an explosion of colours that fully represent her character. With these inspirations, Gruppo WISE has created the official Logo of the Nadia Toffa Foundation, celebrating those characteristics which made her unique. The pictogram, which recalls her smile and her blond hair bob which was her distinctive sign, is made of pure and sober circular shapes and refers to the symbolism of the circle, an expression of unity, solidarity, absence of division and discrimination, all values ​​that Nadia had and that the Foundation will continue to pursue.

The Website
To convey the Foundation’s identity, its objectives and its activities in the best way possible Gruppo WISE has created the website By recalling the same colours of the Logo, the site offers useful information to understand what the Foundation does and promotes, in a clear and transparent way. Gruppo WISE also supports the Foundation in managing the social channels dedicated to it: Instagram and Facebook.

Press office
The press office area of ​​ Gruppo WISE coordinates the press activities of the Nadia Toffa Foundation. The first appointment with the media was in December 2019, when the Foundation was officially presented to the press. Gruppo WISE coordinated the organization of the conference, the materials necessary for the press (press kit) and managed the media relations with the journalists who attended and the interviews requested. National releases have surpassed one hundred articles, and TV channels such as Sky and Mediaset were involved.

Solidarity ideas
To contribute to the mission of the Foundation and at the request of all those who are close to it, some “solidarity ideas” have been conceived and created which Gruppo WISE has put in place: from the production of T-shirts, favours and parchment scrolls.
An ad hoc e-commerce has therefore been implemented on the Foundation’s website that allows users to view the proposed products and to make a gesture of solidarity by allocating a small donation in support of the Foundation’s research and activities.

Gruppo WISE runs all the events that are organized to raise funds at the service of the Foundation’s mission. From the choice of the location to the collection of sponsors, up to the management of the entire event, Gruppo WISE gives its communicative, organizational and logistical support to give value and meaning to these charity moments which have the highest goals.