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Gruppo Wise reopens its offices, but smart working remains the preferred way of working

WISE team

Responsibility, common sense, respect for the rules, in full operating conditions. In these two months,  Gruppo WISE has continued to stand alongside its customers in  smart working mode, having already made investments in this direction for years, in order to be able to work without limits of space or distance. Furthermore  for the safety of its employees and collaborators and to continue to make its contribution to limiting the emergency in the delicate recovery phase, the Brescia agency still chooses to adopt  the smart working mode, although it has opened its offices.

“Last weekexplains Luca Mastrostefano, CEO of Gruppo WISEall  rooms were sanitized and all the necessary safety measures were  put in place. The offices will be open with our normal office hours for availability and in case of the need for meetings with customers. Our internal spaces are in fact designed so that social distancing can be strictly adhered to. However, we will continue to develop smart working, with which, we have managed to remain perfectly operational even throughout this period”.