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Post Covid-19 recovery: human resources are at the heart of the rebirth

In this period, companies are organizing themselves in order to define procedures, dynamics and methods for a safe, fast and effective recovery by addressing administrative, financial, production and logistical issues.

Once boundaries have been defined, the connections are regulated, the logics and perspectives are shared, we can shift the focus to a key element of the recovery: human resources.

Whether people have continued to work in the company, have done it remotely or have temporarily suspended working, the time to return to the company, to resume their job or even just the return of colleagues will be a delicate moment to face .

This return to a new normal can give us the opportunity, as a company, to convey not only information on the management of our daily work, but also a message of attention and empathy towards our employees.

An empathic gesture that puts the person at the center, which becomes the bearer of concepts such as “care” and “closeness” so much used in this period and which find concreteness in a simple dedicated kit. A kit for employees to find as a welcome back or as a thank you that is the bearer of messages and gifts, words and concreteness.

A WIN / WIN activity that is good for the employee as it makes him feel part of an organization that cares about people, and that is good for the company in terms of how they are perceived.

The “Welcome Kit” is part of the Employer Branding projects that we study for our customers.
What is Employer Branding?

Employer Branding is the discipline that promotes the corporate image as a workplace that the company manages to create and communicate, not towards the target audience (customers) but with regards to its employees, current or future potential ones.

Doing Employer Branding means working on Brand Equity (value and perception of the brand on the market) and conveying values that are shared by employees and in line with Brand Identity, in order to create and manage a company’s Employee Value Proposition.

Employees are the most valuable asset of a company, they constitute the backbone and, at the same time, the glue that holds it together. A good employer branding strategy will make employees the company’s first ambassadors.

Some facts:

“According to a study by the Bolton Consulting Group, it reduces hiring costs by 50% and the turn-over rate among employees by 28%.”

LinkedIn reveals that 75% of potential candidates do research on the company’s reputation before applying for an open position, and nearly 70% of candidates say they are unwilling to accept an offer from an employer with a bad reputation.”

“Improving the employer branding strategy is a priority for approximately 86% of companies.”

Summarizing the benefits that are obtained are:

  • Immersive work environment;
  • Lower turnover;
  • Greater identification of employees with the company’s values and therefore greater loyalty;
  • Greater commitment
  • Lower hiring costs;
  • Better appeal;
  • Greater motivation and effectiveness of employees.