I Ricevimenti

Gruppo WISE for 'I Ricevimenti': communication has a new taste.

Taste and class come together in the new Brand “I Ricevimenti”. The Brescia catering company for weddings and events relies on Gruppo WISE to redefine the guidelines of its communication, a strategic project that passes from the identification of the different business units, to their precise definition, up to the declination of their new image on the traditional and digital media.

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Within the reality ‘I Ricevimenti’, Gruppo WISE has identified two precise business units and outlined in a clear and distinctive way their image and their tone of voice: on one hand the “wedding” division purely dedicated to the refined world of weddings, on the other, the “business” division dedicated to the institutional world of traditional corporate events.

Alongside these, the “taste meetings” division was implemented, capable of satisfying specific requests for catering and private events of all kinds.

A dividing line separates the three realities, but in the logos and coordinated image of each of them we find the characteristics of the Brand ‘I Ricevimenti’ that gives continuity and ensures a strengthening of corporate awareness.

Elegant and refined, like the events signed by “I Ricevimenti”. The new brand image reflects the company’s values ​​and at the same time expresses research, tradition and harmony. The same elements that we find in the tasty catering signed by “I Ricevimenti”.

The business units are identified with precise colour codes: gold for the dreamy atmosphere of “wedding”, blue for the practical and institutional one of the “business” division, grey for all “special events”.

In addition to the chosen colours, the different fonts have been defined: the “wedding” font is calligraphic, graceful, refined and dreamlike as weddings can be.

The “business” font is a solid and linear stick font, to underline the concreteness that characterizes the corporate events sector.

Website and Social network
The entire work lives in a clear and harmonious way on the new website www.i-ricevimenti.com, also developed in the English version. From the home page, the strong reference to the three divisions clarifies the new corporate structure and guides the user clearly and quickly in the choice that best suits their needs.

The new communication codes also exist on corporate social networks. In this case, Gruppo WISE defined the graphic settings for each unit and trained the internal staff who are responsible for managing the Facebook page and the Instagram account @i_ricevimenti.