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Gruppo Wise and Treedom for zero-impact events

One day, two young students passion about the green economy founded an innovative, eco-sustainable and biodiversity protection project. This is Treedom which, since 2010, has been at the side of companies, foundations and organizations to help them reduce their CO2 emissions, promoting agroforestry projects around the world, including Italy.

Through the planting of new trees, entrusted to farmers and small cooperatives of local farmers, the project aims to increase the absorption of CO2 to counter problems such as the greenhouse effect and climate change.

Sensitive to these problems, Gruppo Wise  has been collaborating with Treedom for years, in particular for major events.

One of these being VIVIgas BeTalent: in fact at all five editions., VIVIgas energy and Gruppo  WISE chose Treedom as their partner and on the occasion of “La Notte dei talenti”, all the CO2 emissions of the event were off-set thanks to the planting of trees in different parts of the world.

Treedom, a project which is  not only sustainable, but also transparent has in fact developed a system thanks to which every planted tree is geo-referenced, photographed, tracked  in a special register and always visible on the Treedom site with Google maps.