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Gruppo WISE designs an anamorphosis work for Metallurgica San Marco

The multi-year strategic partnership with Metallurgica San Marco, a leading company in the production of large-sized extruded brass profiles, special drawn sections, molding and turning bars, has allowed the realization of an ambitious project.

It is from the deep knowledge of the company and from the mutual collaboration that we thought of the idea to relate it, at best and in an artistic way.

For Gruppo WISE, the essence of this strategy was immortalized in an installation created on the beams of a warehouse in the Metallurgica San Marco plant depicting the company logo with the anamorphic technique.

An optical illusion is at the base: what is there is not what is perceived thanks to a good viewpoint in the same way as the challenges of a hyper-competitive market are interpreted by the approach of Metallurgica San Marco.

“This installation is one of the projects that marks the long standing collaboration with Metallurgica San Marco, a proactive and lasting partnership that has allowed us to set and achieve ambitious goals together,” – describes Erica Danesi, General Manager of Gruppo WISE  – “We are very happy with this work that crowns the strategic path of accompaniment to the entry of MSM into the Holding Metallurgica Group and that demonstrates how communication can lead to innovative forms with a strong evocative value ».

A path of contamination that always points upwards, with a shared vision of objectives oriented towards the creation of an image that can speak, as well as display.