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ITAP entrusts the entire communication project for the first 50 years of activity to Gruppo WISE

With an export of its production to over 108 countries around the world, ITAP is a leader on an international scale in the production of valves, fittings and distribution manifolds for sanitary and heating systems. A fully automated production process, innate vocation for innovation and compliance with technical regulations make the company a benchmark in the sector’s high-end products. 2022 was a special year for the company and Gruppo WISE, through a diverse range of initiatives and projects, has contributed to restoring its exceptional nature.

A virtual tour, three dedicated events, participation in an international fair. Furthermore, a corporate video and a commemorative book completed the support provided to the company by Gruppo WISE.

Coordinated image, commemorative book and virtual tour

ITAP’s anniversary led to the full visual communication of the whole of 2022 for the company. Through a redefinition of the coordinated image, which formed the basis for all subsequent initiatives, Gruppo WISE intended to centre and focus the guidelines of ITAP’s messages towards other countries, but also of its human resources, the driving force of its productions of excellence. The website has been enriched with a virtual tour that throws open the doors of the company: research and innovation of production, precise information relating to manufacturing techniques, personnel, strategies, structures and productions make the contribution an engaging litmus test of human and productive excellence, preserved in half a century of activity. An extraordinarily useful support also in the business sector: transparency and fidelity of information, in fact, they contribute to transmit to the ITAP supply chain, further guarantees of the excellence of its output that permanently reach the international markets.

Furthermore, through an important graphic design and shooting action, Gruppo WISE has created two additional and prestigious ITAP marketing supports. A commemorative book and an elegant and content-packed corporate video which bring together the company’s activities in its many business areas, giving the right credit for the achievements, innovations and investments made since its inception in 1972.

ITAP business and human resources events

Gruppo WISE organized everything in its various aspects – from the conception of content to the grounding of each activity – two initiatives aimed at ITAP staff and their workforce.

Working in a serene and collaborative atmosphere is the basis of a company’s success. The first target was a corporate dinner aimed at the objectives of consolidating the action of its human resources, stimulating internal relationships, a sense of belonging and a focus on common and shared goals. To make the company dinner enjoyable and pleasant, a moment of entertainment was also organized starring a comic character and a personalized interactive quiz on company themes. This last initiative also served to give life to a team building activity to further strengthen the links between ITAP’s human resources. And again, with a view to Employer Branding, Gruppo WISE organized an event in the company dedicated to employees and their families. The Family Day, which was divided into two days, it was a Corporate event which allowed the company’s values to be further transferred to its employees in a friendly and warm way. An event that facilitated the transfer of content to a wider audience, directly and indirectly involved in the daily action of ITAP. During the Family Day, fun and engaging activities for adults and children were organized within the company, the venue for the event.

Participation in the MCE fair

Gruppo WISE also followed the company in every activity necessary for its participation in the MCE trade fair, the most prestigious showcase and global business platform for companies in the HVAC + R, renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors. Always focused on the communication objectives of the company, the actions of Gruppo WISE were aimed at making the exposure of ITAP a decisive step in its constant accreditation process on international markets. Before the fair, activities were also conducted to communicate the presence at the expo, inviting and informing both stakeholders and the press of the company’s participation in the year of its 50th anniversary.