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1000 Miglia charity: Made with love.

Gruppo WISE oversaw the “1000 Miglia Charity” (1000 Miles Charity) project at the heart of the world’s most beautiful Race in 2018. It earned the company the 2018 Best Event Awards in the Non-Profit category and Special Jury’s “Best Effectiveness” award. It was first created by Maria Bussolati Bonera of the AliSolidali Bonera Group and further driven by the Brescia Automobile Club and 1000 Miglia Srl, together with UBI Banca and la Zebra Onlus. Its aim was to raise money for Brescia’s Children’s Hospital to purchase its latest ultrasound device and build its state-of-the art scan room. The project was unique and very ambitious. As well as raising funds, it aimed to raise public awareness with two “Charity Cars”, driven in the 2018 edition of the project, by key ambassadors, including Alvaro Soler, who promoted the project along the Race, from Brescia to Rome. Gruppo WISE oversaw the visual communication tools to promote the event (its logo, campaign posters, flyers and website), press office (with three conferences and over 100 published articles), the charity raffle prize linked to the Race, accompanying events to promote the city, direct donations on the website and an exclusive Charity Party Dinner at the Mille Miglia Museum.

The overall success of the project was marked by the company not only achieving but exceeding its target, with over 115 thousand euros raised to purchase the Hospital equipment and inaugurate its scan room dedicated to 1000 Miglia and Ali Solidali, with visuals to make patients more relaxed and excited during their visit.

It is been an honour for us to help build and promote a project with such a strong social impact” says Luca Mastrostefano, CEO of Gruppo WISE. “We strongly believe in 1000 Miglia Charity and trust it will become an unmissable event each year like the 1000 Miglia Race it re-enacts.”

1000 Miglia Charity was a success for all parties involved in creating and supporting it, including its 18 partner companies, 500 Charity Party Dinner guests, 13000 raffle ticket buyers, 6800 donors and ambassadors like Iginio Massari, Vittorio Brumotti, Filippo Roma, a TV host who appeared on Le Iene and the aforementioned Alvaro Soler. The event helped promote the city and most importantly provide tangible resources for it.