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From script to art direction: Gruppo WISE signs Sky commercials for the Marco Polo Institute

Corporate videos and corporate commercials are a very effective tool because they mix the exhaustiveness of information with an emotional spirit. They can promote a particular activity, a particular event or service A digital vehicle that moves, speaks, tells, quickly and directly.

From the creative idea to the screenplay, from the art direction to the production. For years Gruppo WISE has been offering the best key packages for the creation of corporate videos and commercials, both for marketing and entertainment purposes, dealing with all  stages of the process .

Images and videos are essential today to give voice to a message. They know how to capture people’s  attention more than a thousand words and for this reason they are one of the most powerful communication tools currently available, moreover they are also available on various media: television, web, social networks, as well as  for presentations, fairs, conferences and more.

A professional video is part of the coordinated image of a company. For this reason it must be studied and personalized. This was the case for the Marco Polo Institute of Brescia, for which two commercials  were conceived, designed and produced to be broadcast on Sky TV dedicated to two of the Group’s institutes.

The Marco Polo Institute is one of the most qualified educational reference points in the province of Brescia. It is a private institution with equivalent state recognition, offering  three cutting edge formative proposals: the traditional social science secondary school, the social economic school with linguistic enhancement and the social economic secondary school with sports enhancement. The project was entrusted to Gruppo WISE which was concerned in particular: with the social science  school with sports enhancement and the BHSB, Bilingual Middle School of Brescia, founded through  the collaboration of the Little English School and the Marco Polo Institute. The BHSB offers an innovative study programme where 33% of the subjects – art, music, technology and physical education – are offered in English. From the initial briefing with the client, from which the purpose of telling the reality of the two schools and the services they offer emerged, two emotional scripts came to light which involved the same school students.The secondary school script made use of the concept of well-being related to sport, happiness, talent and getting involved. For the bilingual school, the focus was on the opportunities offered by learning English at an early age and on study  methods.From here, two videos were produced that mixed energy, character, practicality, beauty and enthusiasm. Gruppo WISE developed the entire script, took care of the art direction and gave life to the final product which was aired on Sky TV.The two videos were then also used within the Institute’s web and social channels, continuing to send a clear message of the schools’ identity, the services offered, the educational values ​​they transmit through visual language, and the effective and emotional sound used.